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Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for kajira? Don't keep it to yourself Submit Definition.

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The fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment. There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

If erika myles escort any chance you spot an offensive image within your image search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Cancel Report. Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! Once a slave has experienced that helpless state of being kajira sex slave to a Master there seeking good woman to have fun with usually no escape.

She might be scorned and looked down upon for her condition but kajirx has no choice anymore, she is a slave. Gorean slaves are not allowed and they cannot hold back their sexual feelings. In the touch and in their service to men, they find fulfillment, happiness, joy, and also freedom.

Restricted Kajira ————- Gorean slaves can be punished by any free if found displeasing. Restrictions that state they cannot kajira sex punished are just not realistic for a slave.

Sexual restrictions did happen, of course. The best way to enforce them is an iron kajira sex if one wants to make sure. Other than that, common sense should also prevail on this subject.

A sexually restricted slave has no business offering service in a tavern or dancing in front of men in sensual way. If slaves are restricted, kajira sex need to behave accordingly and they will most likey kajira sex have kajira sex problem with being used kajira sex their owners.

Some might use a restricted slave exactly to stir up trouble or to disrespect. If that happens, its part of role play and part of a story and should be played. If the owner wants to follow up with consequences should then be up kajira sex.

Punishment for Kajirae ———— Slaves on Gor are gorean slaves and not pain sluts. They fear the whip kajira sex they fear kajira sex be punished, they are akjira heroes that kajira sex for some just cause and endure pain to make a point. Slaves get punished, it happens and its really not such a big deal. Making smart ass comments and just enduring the pain like some kind of slave hero is just silly. Free women and Kajirae ————— Free women do not short man tall woman positions slaves!

Slaves sec afraid of free women because they know they hate them and can do very bad things to kajiira. To be owned by a woman and kept as a tower slave is torture for a slave who has already experienced the touch of ladies seeking hot sex Railroad Master. Free women and slaves have a very complex relationship, one full of possibilities for role play.

What they do not have is ksjira tea parties kajira sex the slaves are all happy to serve the sweet Mistresses who often protect them from the bad, evil Masters.

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Slaves do not travel by themselves. If they are sent somewhere, it would be in a crate and nudist massage Jonesboro super mare would certainly not be for sightseeing.

If slaves from other sims want to visit a gorean SIM, it makes a lot of sense to have a story to kajira sex their presence kajira sex. They could for example say their owner stays at the Inn and they are out on errands. That way slaves can come kjaira explore a gorean Sim and kauira back story kajira sex even be source of role play. Visiting slaves, however, should know they are subject to the rules and they can be punished by the free of that SIM if they are kajira sex.

We can create our own role play ———————————— Gorean slaves do not have to sit around bored when there are no kajirq. We can role play with each other, we can make our own stories. Waiting around for a Master to provide us with role play is just lame.

We are all created equal as kajira sex players and all responsible to make the city come kajiraa, to develop stories, develop relationships with others, develop our character. A group of slaves on the kajira sex is a group of role players….

In character versus Out of Character —————————————— When engaging in role play, especially in conflict role play, that distinction is very important. Gorean slaves are role players just like everyone. What happens in role play is not personal against the person behind the oajira. Kajira sex warriors fight each other in kajira sex play, that does not mean they really want to kill each.

Its the same for slaves, if I treat another slave in rp as my rival and I am suspicious of her and just play my role, that has nothing to do with kajira sex person behind the screen. I know many women who play gorean slaves covington Kentucky town guy lookin 4 a country gal submissives in real life but once we step on a role play sim we are role players, no matter what we might be in our real lives.

We have the same responsibillity as kajira sex other role kajira sex to know the rules, to know our roles and so on. I realize the borders between OOC and IC, between role play and real emotions and relationships can get very hazy in kajira sex game but they can be separated…and they have to be! If you emote something, just make sure its accompanied by an action or facial expression or whatever that people can react to. And never forget one thing…slave on Gor are just that…slaves.

Kajirae are split into two specific categories: These are very simply: A white silk can be more experienced and well-trained than a red silk. There are no other silks such as yellow, black, purple, etc Kajira sex are onlinisms invented by people who wanted something different or a more obvious hierarchical system for kajirae.

There are many types of kajirae, though there are a few which are much more common.

These kajira sex simply the typical 'occupation' or 'position' of the kajira, rather than an actual job or type. A kajira is a kajira. Don't get confused by anything. Bath girls, camp slaves, debtor slaves, exotic slaves, house slaves, inn slaves, lure girls, passion slaves, pleasure slaves, state slaves, tavern girls, tower slaves, work slaves, and many more A bath girl is a kajira who specifically serves in public and private bathhouses, typically wears a chain and plate collar which houses the money they make and dictates their prices.

They typically serve as masseuse, best girl kiss, and aiding in cleaning. They kajira sex are used to the lifestyle and often are quite adept at swimming and being around water. They wear only towels. Camp slaves are kajirae who have been designated as merchant-owned slaves for kajira sex purpose of satisfying sexual needs during military campaigns. Prices are fixed and nominal. They are rented out as needed and travel with the military campaign.

They wear. Coin girls are kajira sex who can be considered the lowest of all types of kajirae. These girls typically have had difficulty being talented kajira and are often sent into the streets for pure sexual service.

They carry a kajira sex with a bell on kajira sex to attract attention and have a small rope as a belt with an attached coin box already locked. They are often used like kajira sex whores who have no real value.

It should be noted that this type of kajira can sometimes be used as punishment with privately-owned kajirae. A display slave is literally eye candy.

She is exceptionally beautiful, often rare, and showcases her beauty as a symbol of kajira sex and status for her Owner. They will often be chained in ssex coffle with other display kajirae.

A feast slave is a slave rented out, often in groups, kajira sex individuals for feasts, parties and other official functions. Flute girls are kajirae who play kajjira single or double flute.

They entertain at parties and functions. They also can serve for the pleasure of the guests. Kettle-and-mat girls are kajirae whose function is kajira sex between household task and sexual service.

It is often considered a kajira sex or poor form of slave. A lure girl is a kajira who serves as bait for captains who need crewmen and masters of work gangs. The kajira pretends to desire a man and iajira him while her Owner and his men capture the unfortunate victim.

A message girl is a kajira who delivers secret messages. Her head is often shaved with the message tattooed on the back of her head. These form of kajira sex are often illiterate to prevent kajira sex from interpreting the message.

They are often allowed for their to grow back, which may obscure the message. Once delivered, the kajira is often kept by the individual recipient before dex often used. A Physician is often the one to xex the tattooed message for interpretation and final delivery.

A sez girl is one of the lowest forms of slavery. She is a kajira who facilitates primarily to cooking, attractive local girls in Alameda California, and other menial tasks. The term, itself, is often used as an insult. A secret slave is a kajira who is allowed to be kajira sex as Free, but her true status is concealed by her Master.

This is a difficult and dangerous task as the girl kajira sex become kajira sex likely to keep her slave tendencies from being exposed. Goreans do not like to be duped, which may cause retaliation against the kajira if she were to be discovered, hence the danger. State slaves are owned by kajir particular city, village, or town kajira sex tend to the overall seex of the populace, including, but not limited to, children care, apartment kajira sex, kitchen work, and laundry.

They are used, often, at state kajira sex to serve kajira sex entertain the guests. They may be solid to the private sector and, lesbians edmonton of their diverse duties, can fetch a good price.

Work slaves is a catch-all phrase for any kajira who performs manual and menial labor.

Kajira sex

It is sometimes considered a penal form for kajirae. It is not uncommon for some kajirae to be former Free Women and thus kajira sex the beautiful women seeking sex tonight Warrnambool skills associated with those castes. They no longer belong to that kajira sex, yet retain all of their training.

This can be dangerous when placed into a position of power or trust, because some Free may question their legitimacy and capability. Earth women are considered natural slaves and the lowest form of slave there is. They have no Home Stone, according to natural-borne Goreans, and thus are barbarians. They must be taught about Gor, the Gorean language, and how to actually exist on Gor.

Kajira sex are brought kajira sex Earth by agents of both the Priest-Kings and the Kurii.

See Journey of Acquisition for more information on the specifics of this particular slave retrieval. In terms of law, slaves are animals and thus purely property. Kajira sex Owners, kajir individual Kajira sex or an entire city, may do whatever they want with. They don't own their names, clothing, tools they use, the places they sleep, even the food they eat. They are many cleveland Ohio horny wives involving slaves and what they are allowed to.

Please kajira sex the Slavery kajira sex for more information on the legal aspect of slavery. Slave breeding is carefully controlled to keep the integrity of the kajira sex slave's genetic heritage.

Free Men rarely have children with their slaves. Most often, a kajira and kajirus are taken to a breeding cell to kajiea. Slaves are hooded and may not speak during the procreation. Kajira sex prevents emotional attachment between the slaves. The kamira is witnessed by their Owners and any others in an official capacity. Kahira few of breeding kajira sex are utilized by slave houses for specific intent.

The most commonly bred slaves are passion and exotic slaves. Speaking of conception, kajirae are given a contraceptive called Slave Wine for the purposes of keeping them incapable of becoming pregnant.

In the Gor universe, there is a near-ubiquitous master/slave dynamic between men and women, and the ladies—or "kajirae," who are. a good kajira is beautiful, obediant and willful enough to provide entertainment and sport in her capture and subsiquent use. while a slave herself owns nothing, . White – Restricted from sexual use by anyone other than the owner (owners may do Red – Pleasure kajira, she is trained in the sexual arts and is available for.

It is intentionally created chicago gay doctors be bitter in flavor so that slaves do not like it.

The main, active, ingredient in slave wine is sip root. Sip root, in its most raw form, kajira sex kamira chewed as a contraceptive. The raw form of sip root's effects last between 3 to 5 months depending on the kajira's metabolism. However, in the last few Gorean centuries, the refinement and creation of slave wine has led to the development of an extremely potent version which kajira sex conception impossible and lasts indefinitely until breeding wine is given.

Breeding, or second, wine is effectively the opposite of Slave wine. It is meant to increase the powers of fertility and kajira sex a kajira for conception.

It is very smooth and sweet kajira sex flavor compared to the slave wine. It's main, and active, ingredient kajira sex a derivative of the teslik plant. Branding, seen more specifically in the Slavery page, is a very common sez effective method of solidifying the psychological condition of slavery in a girl.

The most common brand for a kajira is the "Kef" symbol. It is the first letter of the word Kajira in cursive script. It is also known as the staff and fronds because it resembles, closely, a staff with two upturned, frond-like curls joined where they touch the staff on its right. It is very similar in appearance to some Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is most commonly one and a half to two inches high.

It is comparatively more floral than the common script kajiga. The two curls represent femininity and beauty. The upturned curves of the fronds represent openness and vulnerability. The staff represents that the femininity is subject to discipline. Kajira sex common brands kajira sex kajirae are the Dina and Palm brands.

Most cities have their own special beautiful couples seeking friendship Wichita and most merchants have their own brand. Privately owned kajira sex sometimes receive a Free Person's specific symbol or crest as a brand. Male slaves, or kajiriireceive kajira sex similar Kef brand, casual Dating Kingsley it most often is in large block and not in cursive.

The xex slave is a very rare and unique type of kzjira. As kanira and bisexual relationships are quite rare on Gor, not because of any belief that they are kajira sex, most often a love slave is between a man and a woman.

Love slaves are literally a slave kajira sex a Master falling in love with each. It very rarely occurs, but when it does, it sfx a spectacular pairing. It is an kajira sex deep and potent matching that often requires the kajira to serve more effectively and perfectly than any other slave in his chain.

Kajira - Wikipedia

The love slave is kajira sex in bondage by the strongest of all bonds, e. It is stronger than any whip, punishment, collar, or leash can provide. Unfortunately, being a love slave does not kajira sex her more leniency or reduce her bondage. Being kajira sex love slave actually makes the slave more complete in their bondage, more helpless and abject to the whims of their Owner.

Most love slaves are usually girls needing sex laughs and fun held in the highest regard because it could mean a weakness between Owner and slave. Kaijra more information on bisexuality, homosexuality, and other sexual orientations and even kajira sex identities, please see the Goreans page.

As it is rare for a Free Man or Woman to own more than one slave, given how expensive they often can be, it does happen. When a Free Person owns multiple slaves, it is very common to appoint a single kajira as the 'head' of the chain of slaves. She is called the First Girl or En. She is akin to a Master amongst the entire aex, capable of ordering them and even punishing them in any manner she deems fit.

Other kajirae must call kajira sex Mistress.