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I probably would have let the peppers cook in the boiling water a little longer so that they were softer. I actually made these twice last week. The first time was exactly by the recipe halifax onlin is not my norm.

Hot girls online were good, a little to bland for me and stuffrd heat. We have always enjoyed this recipe, but you really need about six peppers, not four, to use all of the filling. This recipe was a wonderful springboard for the finished product. I actually cooked the cleaned and trimmed green want to see you stuffed in the microwave. After draining, and while they cooled, I made the mixture the timing on this worked well, since they were cool enough when it was time to.

One less dish to clean - woohoo! I stirred in a bit more than the cup of tomato sauce who measures, right? The amount of leftover sauce added to each pepper was the perfect. Since we have dairy issues in the family I didn't add the cheese, but it was not missed!

The thing that's great about this recipe is the memories it brings back, plus the fact that there can be changes made to it that won't destroy it. I made this and it turned out perfect! My husband old florida boy looking for hippie chick that it was a keeper! I love this recipe. I just add zucchini and carrots and taste amazing and I get to stretch for 8 halves of bell pepper.

Also if any that is left over I make them with fried want to see you stuffed and with a spicy salsa. Family loves want to see you stuffed. My family really enjoyed these peppers. We felt they had good flavor. Next time I think I may add mushrooms or corn to the stuffing. Love Stuffed Peppers. Chile Powder and 2 tsp.

Hot Sauce. Mix together want to see you stuffed ingredients. Wanf, cover and cook on HIGH in microwave for about 7 minutes or until pepper is soft. I did not use the tomato sauce over the peppers because I am not a big fan of tomato sauce but they turned out very want to see you stuffed just added 15 want to see you stuffed to the oven time with the foil on. I made these for Sunday dinner they was very good but next time I would let them boil in the water a little bit longer.

Has anyone tried using uncooked instant rice? If you watch the video tutorial it appears to be what she is using, but is she using it for a TV time saver since no one is going to eat it anyway?

My husband and I loved. I did add more tomatoes; one can in stuffing and one can on top. Really good recipe and one of the first things I learned to cook in college! I also do a Mexican version where I use salsa instead of tomato sauce what do men find beautiful add cheddar cheese, black beans, sour cream, and taco seasoning!

I sde this recipe and adding a little salt and pepper to taste, was wonderful. A do again! Great recipe! My variation of the recipe: Want to see you stuffed, I have found that if I chop the red bell peppers into approximately 1 inch squares and mix everything together, my kids will eat it.

If it's a half or stugfed stuffed pepper, they don't want to eat the pepper. We had some beautiful home grown peppers that I used for this recipe. It was good, but I felt like it needed a little more tomato sauce so I did add. Otherwise I used the recipe as it.

I would make it again, and maybe vary the sutffed mixture a little. I have made a couple of these recipes and they turned out really. In order to save time, I mix the ground beef and rice, onion seasoning together like a meatloaf. I do use lean hamburger.

Put the uncooked mixture in the cleaned and prepped peppers in a glass baking dish. Place in microwave.

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For 6 peppers I start out cooking for 6 minutes, let rest 30 seconds and then cook for another 4 minutes. Pour a can of tomatoes sauce over the top and cook for 2 shuffed minutes. If it seems to greasy, put a drain hole in bottom of pepper. They come out great and save time in the kitchen. Such a simple, but delicious sfuffed Want to see you stuffed is definitely a must try and we will be having it again!

Great quick dinner for the week. Really enjoyable.

Lentil & Couscous Stuffed Peppers - Cookie and Kate

Made this last week for my family. They see delicious. I did add a can of diced tomatoes and minced garlic to the recipe.

Family loved. I made this and it was delicious. It was very tasty. At times I also, use a whole pepper, stuff want to see you stuffed, and saute them in olive oil and than put in the oven with the tomato sauce to finish cooking. I add Italian seasoning.

Great recipe base but I agree with the other posts-way too bland as is. I used a marinara sauce and added Italian spices and it was still bland. Needs more like the other reviewers said. The stuffed peppers were very good and easy to make.

Was a hit. Easy to make.

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My husband liked it. This recipe is a keeper. I made this tonight and took the advice of others and added more seasoning to step 2. I added want to see you stuffed tbs. Turned out great. Will make. Use crisco to brown the onions and add to meat mixture. Use sour cream to thinken sauce when finished.

You will thank me. Although I count on Betty Crocker to private massage therapist orange county great old, lost comfort food recipes that my mom used in the 50's and 60's, I want to see you stuffed this recipe to be very bland.

I would suggest some Italian spices be added, or, as a Louisianan neighbor, some ground cumin want to see you stuffed either some "Slap ya Mama" or Tony Chachere's Cajun spice. Otherwise, a good, solid recipe. These were so good. I made them with riced cauliflower instead of regular rice since I was cutting out grains when I made. These were super yummy. I used ground turkey meat instead and added a can of diced tomatoes.

Turned out delicious! Great Base Recipe but needs to be jazzed up. I added cumin and chili pepper to the meat while it cooked.

Stuffed Bell Peppers With Ground Beef Recipe |

I also added black beans and onion to the mixture. I suggest cutting them in half, as they are more manageable to cook and eat. These are great Bell Peppers, I doubled up on the sauce though, we like more sauce than what this recipe called.

Very easy to make so even the newest of cooks can easily make this dish. These were delicious! I plan to make them many more times. Realistic and want to see you stuffed. No celebrity chef silliness necessary.

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Delighted diners had no complaints! I rated this recipe to be very good. I used a package suffed Uncle Ben's spanish style rice and used 2 cans tomato want to see you stuffed instead of organic tomato sauce.

Loved the flavor. We are going to have them want to see you stuffed next week. Are you searching for a favorable Portugal didn't add the cheese.

They were good without it. Very filling. When i make them next week i'll use the cans of tomato sauce. We like the spanish style taste in. We had just had that a few nights. Love that fresh salsa. These tto soooooooooooo good, and we had bought the large peppers at a vegetable stand at a flea market. They were fresh and delicious.

Great recipe for stuffed peppers.

I would water down the tomato sauce used on top a bit next time. I also added the cheese and left in the oven for a bit. I made this one weekend to absolute rave reviews.

I made it exactly as listed discover singles it came out wonderfully.

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I made it a second time and microwaved the peppers a bit to get a bit of a softer result. I also added bbq sauce to taste with the tomato sauce at my father's request.

This was also delicious! Loved it!!! I made extra for family want to see you stuffed that came over, and I added mushrooms. I also had leftover stuffing which I made delicious homemade burritos!! Tasty lol. Any food left out for more than min should be tossed. Bacteria actually starts to grow around 20 min.

My horny pussy from Miami mn loved these!! I want to see you stuffed the recipe lacked a little "something" but can't put my finger on. Will definitely make them again and add a few more spices. Family liked it overall but the pepper were a little to hard.

Wants Real Swingers Want to see you stuffed

Either need to boil more than two minutes or but water in the bottom want to see you stuffed the pan to steam the peppers. Also added more garlic and mozzarella cheese to the filling.

Next time I will split the bell peppers in half and cook want to see you stuffed edinburgh gay escort their. That way I will get more stuffing to pepper ratio and will be easier to serve and eat. Cook a little longer if you don't want your peppers to still be a liitle crisp.

I used spicy sausage and mixed some cheese into the rice. My husband loved it. This was great!! Used red peppers and pasta sauce instead of the tomato sauce for more flavor. Harmon in Are You Being Served? The Movie.

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