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I chat to heaps of mums who are in a routine of topping up their newborns with expressed breastmilk or formula toopped feeds. The reason these little ones are prescribed this extra milk varies hugely depending on the health professional they are working. But there is very little information out there on how to stop the top-ups. want to suck or be topped

In fact, toppde a breastfeeding relationship has want to suck or be topped to an abrupt halt because the mum finds they are having to put more and more milk in the bottle, sex Luxembourg hot girl milk supply gets lower and lower and suddenly, they are bottle-feeding without actively making that choice.

One of the first steps to reducing these top-ups is to work out a plan.

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My plan of attack with these babies is first, treat the problem. Work out why they needed the top-ups in the first place.

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If baby is sleepy or not gaining enough weight, teach the mum to switch feed. Rubbing firmly on the sole of the foot is also a great rousing technique not light tickling your fingers over their skin, I reckon that sends babies into a deeper slumber!

The actual top-ups can only be reduced if baby is given as much opportunity to feed at the breast as possible. One way is to simply offer the breast first, at every single feed. bs

Be confident. Your body CAN nourish your baby.

Want to suck or be topped

Get onto the feed quickly. As soon as baby wznt stirring from sleep, strip yourself off and place baby skin-to-skin on your chest. Offer four sides.

As soon as she settles, stop! Oh, and enlist a cheer squad of like-minded people to emotionally support you through this time: Open-minded, positive types who support your breastfeeding choices. For some, this plan may work quickly.

For others it may crawl along at a snail pace. You are on your way to exclusively breastfeeding your baby.

Claps from me. For more information on increasing your supply naturally, check out the Australian Breastfeeding Association website: Personal opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

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