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Why men are stubborn

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I remember growing up, that my mom would always pester my dad about his health.

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She wanted him to go to the doctor about his sleep apnea, about his cholesterol, about his feet. He never wanted to go.

Science Proves More Testosterone Makes You More Stubborn people with higher levels of testosterone (AKA men) tend to think they're right. Some men are way too stubborn to admit that there is something wrong with them . This often leads them going to the doctor much later only to. I have come to accept that I am a stubborn man and that I am not alone. Nothing screams masculinity more than obstinance. I used to be the.

Why not? Then I overheard my mom talking to my aunt, and I learned that men are stubborn, especially about going to the doctor.

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Septimus Smith is a good example of. Rezia wants him to see Doctor Holmes.

Then I overheard my mom talking to my aunt, and I learned that men are stubborn , especially about going to the doctor. Septimus Smith is a. Men say they want logic, not emotion. On the other hand, a woman is often frustrated at what seems like her man's stubborn unwillingness to. Men are most probably stubborn because of evolutionary reasons. It pays to hold your ground. Not only does it help in fights, often, girls get.

Septimus sees it as a waste of time. His wife disagrees, which makes Smith mad.

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This stuck out to me because I am now a stubborn man. Last night dinner made me sick and my wife told me for the umpteenth time that she thinks I might be lactose intolerant.

She wants me to eat no milk and cheese for a week and see how I feel. This is interesting, do you think the story would have taken a different turn if Septimus Smith was a woman with PTSD?

For all his confusion, he why men are stubborn clearly and by experience that the doctor is…kind of an idiot. At least I get that impression about Dr. Perhaps no one really knows how to help Septimus, but he himself at least knows how to avoid people that menn aggravate his condition.

While it is definitely true that many men are stubborn when it comes to certain things, like health, women too can be stubborn. Stubbornness is born more out of the human condition than whu is gender.

I can understand not wanting to be examined or go to the doctor, having just been told by my mom that Why men are stubborn have a dentist appointment why men are stubborn up. That is a horney mature man, un-gendered response, however, when gender is added to the equation as it must be the cultural implications that have been attached to gender result in more common points of resistance ard each sex.

This case, however, is different entirely. There was little understanding by either Septimus or those trying to help him as to what was really wrong with. He could sense that something was wrong and possibly irreparable. stubvorn

The fear of not being able to be fixed would be paralyzing in. Your email address will not be published.

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By admin on Tuesday, September 26, Photo credit: Why not let the doctor make you mwn I know the doctor can help me.

I know it is wise to find out about any health problems I may. I guess what my Wyy told my Aunt is true. Men are stubborn.

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